Tuesday 17 March 2015

Crouch poised to cherry pick portfolio

Andrew Wily showing there's more to life 
than being a bankruptcy trustee.
Photo courtesy Andrewwily.com.au
SITTING on a beach at Byron Bay, Crouch Amirbeaggi co-principal Nicholas Crouch is a long way from the worries occupying fellow insolvency practitioner Andrew Wily.

The head of armstrongWily is currently organising his voluntary retirement from life as a registered bankruptcy trustee, part of which entails working out what to do with more than 400 bankruptcy appointments prior to the deadline imposed by AFSA.

That date is described by the bankruptcy regulator in the following, somewhat flexible terms: "It presently is anticipated that the Inspector-General will accept Mr Wily’s request to cease to be registered shortly after 30 May 2015."

SiN understands about 150 of Wily's bankruptcy files are active. When contacted Crouch confirmed he'd spoken with Wily about taking over some of the jobs. However he said he "wanted to see what was in them" first and mentioned that Wily was speaking to other trustees. It's possible the pick of the portfolio might go to tender.

The most obvious way to effect the transfer of bankrupt estates to other trustees is via Section 181 of the Bankruptcy Act which states: "The creditors may, by resolution, at a meeting of which not less than 7 days' notice has been given, remove a registered trustee appointed by them, or a registered trustee who is, by virtue of subsection 156A(3), the trustee of the estate of the bankrupt concerned, and may at the same or a subsequent meeting appoint another registered trustee to be trustee in his or her place."

Another avenue might be by applying to the court for an order apportioning the jobs to specific trustees named in the application. That however would deny creditors their right to object to the nomination of a particular trustee without having to incur the cost of opposing the nomination through the courts.

None of that of course is occupying the mind of the sports-loving Crouch who - presently ensconced on the NSW far North Coast - is about as far away from Wily's woes as a Sydney-based insolvency practitioner can get, apart of course from those who've already jetted off for San Francisco for the INSOL Conference, which kicks off next Sunday.

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