Wednesday 21 November 2012

ITSA yet to shake online critic

SOME of the bankruptcy authority's most senior staff are being targeted by an expletive-soaked campaign of online criticism and the personal insolvency police can’t seem to do a thing about it.

SiN understands the Insolvency Trustee Service Australia (ITSA) has repeatedly asked Google to remove

The site - operating on Google's Blogger platform - features profanity-laden allegations of corrupt conduct by ITSA senior management, many of whom are depicted in a series of inelegant cartoons.

SiN understands from sources that the blog's author wants ITSA to chase monies that went offshore with the Mother and sister of a former romantic attachment who the blog author had bankrupted.

misconductatitsa names names, publishes emails and letters, and invites ITSA to duke it out in court. If Google has been asked to remove the site, then the digital behemoth has so far declined.

A look at the Blogger content policy suggests it doesn’t expressly prohibit the type of material getting under ITSA’s skin and Google spokesman Johnny Luu told SiN the company did not comment on individual cases. 

ITSA wouldn't comment publicly but SiN knows there is plenty of comment inside the organisation, with discussion focussing on things like how search engine optimisation features might be tweaked to prevent the site appearing at or near the top of any internet search for it.

One senior ITSA staffer depicted on the site told SiN he was unable to comment about what action he or the organisation might be taking because “such action is confidential”. I bet he wishes the blog’s contents were too.

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