Thursday 13 September 2012

Colefax's curious Haberfield refurb

Did the advertised refurbishment become a removal?
Photo: SiN Images 
The Colefax Lounge & Cafe on Ramsay Road Haberfield is yet to reopen after initially advising patrons it was undergoing a temporary refurbishment.

The premises at 78 Ramsay Road shut around the beginning of September.

As the accompanying images show, paper-sheeting screening the interior has fallen away in recent days, allowing curious passersby to see that the aforementioned refurb must involve at least temporary removal of all furniture, shop counters or in fact almost any object that could be classified as “removable”.

Even the initial paper notices on the shop front windows advising that the closure would be temporary have been ripped away.
What remains of the signs advising of a temporary closure.
Photo: SiN Images

In their place are more discreetly positioned messages directing those with a sweet tooth to contact Violet Chocolates

According to the ASIC business names index a Violet Chocolates was registered in March this year. SiN understands the company was formed by Colefax's head chocolatier Violeta Damian and has no connection to the Lees.

SiN has heard unconfirmed reports that the Ramsay road cafe and confectionery outlet was forking out $2700 per week in rent to a landlord who operates a popular café and pasticceria less than 50 metres up the road.

SiN was unable to contact Colefax principals Peter and Lisa Lee
to confirm the reports or ask when the store would reopen. Steve Nicols, who was appointed liquidator to an entity called Colefax Chocolates Pty Ltd back in November 2011, did not return calls.

Liquidator records filed in May, 2012 indicate that at that time Colefax Chocolates Pty Ltd owed all creditors a total of $436,476.00.

Of this, six priority creditors claimed debts of $76,867, a single secured creditor claimed $218,185 and 15 unsecured creditors claimed total debts of $141, 424.

More recent signage gives no
indication of when or if the
Colefax retail store will reopen
Photo: SiN Images

SiN was previously advised via anonymous comment attached to the story Liquidator has no taste for Colefax on Ramsay Road that Colefax Lounge & Cafe was in no way effected by the placing of Colefax Chocolates Pty Ltd into liquidation. 

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