Wednesday 14 December 2011

Palm Beach toddler won't keep Wily awake

Barrister Bridie Nolan.
Photo: SiN Images
ANDREW Wily’s bid to sell the Palm Beach home of accused fraudster and bankrupt Tony Morris has crept a little closer to realisation after lawyers representing Wily and Morris’s wife Vanessa Jackson found common ground over the nap times of a two year old.

Barrister Bridie Nolan, acting for Ms Jackson, told Federal Magistrate Rolf Driver that her client would prefer that inspections of the property by potential purchasers take place between 10.00am and midday, so as to avoid disturbing the slumberings of the Morris’s son.

In response, Sally Nash who is acting for Wily in his capacity as Tony Morris’s bankruptcy trustee told the court the estate agent handling the sale was adamant that between midday and was the ideal time.

Magistrate Driver felt compelled to agree and suggested that a room for the two year old to be sleep in be off limits during the inspection times.

Nolan then suggested the inspection period be between 11.00am and 1.00pm, prompting a conversation about the time it takes to drive to Palm Beach from the city, or Mosman or, in Magistrate Driver's case, the Eastern Suburbs. Eventually a compromise was reached and Nash and Nolan moved on to other issues.

Nash then advised that the home’s elaborate C-Bus computer controlled electrical system had failed, causing the computer controlled blinds on the windows to shut.

As the blinds cannot be overridden manually anyone inside the house is prevented from seeing the view, a particular galling impediment for Wily, who is keen to sell the house before the unserviced mortgage swallows what's left of his equity.

Nash also told the court that the north facing property, which is situated on the top of a cliff at the northern end of Whale Beach, is currently the subject of a “soft sell” marketing campaign.

This would move to an “expressions of interest” campaign next week and if that failed to elicit an offer the property would go to auction in the New Year.

News that young master Morris can sleep undisturbed will ensure less tossing and turning for Wily, although a new apprehension to plague his dreams has emerged in the form of law firm HWL Ebsworth, which is having a second shot at bankrupting Vanessa Morris, the stylish, willowy brunette Nolan describes as a "single mother on a pension".

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