Tuesday 11 October 2011

Paola Toppi delays bankruptcy notice

THE Toppi family has built an enviable reputation for food, service and marketing savvy on the back of its Clarence Street eatery Machiavelli.

A great many of SiN’s readers have availed themselves of its excellent dishes including the deep fried prawn cutlets.

Perhaps then power-lunch- hubris is what’s led Paola Toppi, daughter of the restaurant’s white smock-wearing institution Giovanna Toppi, into the bankruptcy courts?

Paola recently managed to obtain an extension to a deadline to comply with a bankruptcy notice served on her on September 19 by Cobbity Lodge Stud & Stables Pty Ltd.

It wasn’t much of an extension and SiN expects there will be more to report shortly. Maybe Paola should have stuck to the antipasto misto.

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