Tuesday 25 October 2011

Robinson misses out on the whole $100k

Barrister Ross Goodridge (L) and
Church & Grace partner Gino Pignone
leave the Hospital Road courts
Photo: SiN Images 
Mark Robinson’s hopes of an unencumbered $100,000 were dashed by NSW Supreme Court justice Ashley Black last week.

The PPB Advisory partner and ex- president of the Insolvency Practitioners of Australia (IPA) is the trustee in bankruptcy to Sydney barrister Ross Goodridge
, who for many years has been in dispute with his former close friend, solicitor Adrian Barwick.

Goodridge won judgement against Barwick in January, 2008 for the sum of $1.1 million.

Barwick has since repaid the majority of the money.

Goodridge was bankrupted earlier this year after an ultimately unsuccessful action against margin lender Leveraged Equities.

Barwick subsequently applied to the court to have Robinson replace Goodridge as the defendant in his own action against Goodridge.

There was $100,000 at stake which Robinson would have had unencumbered access to if he'd been able to replace Goodridge as defendant. 

Robinson supported Barwick’s application but Justice Black said the monies owing to Goodridge did not vest with the trustee and he'll have to settle for the cut the statutes say he's entitled to.

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