Friday 22 July 2011

PPB's dead cat flounce

THE husband paid the agistment expenses. The wife owned the horses. The husband owned the commercial premises in Sydney's west. The wife occupied them. She ran a small legal practice. He covered most of her outgoings. And charged her a dollar a year in rent. Yeah, I know. The sisters just can’t cop a break.

And of course there's more. This is a public examination. PBB's Mark Robinson is the trustee in bankruptcy to the wife's estate. The creditors want gravy. Sydney's queen of insolvency litigation Sally Nash was doing the questioning on Robbo's behalf. As she probed both the husband and afterwards the wife both oozed embarrassment. Messy and protracted is the pursuit of gravy.

How about the morning the sheriffs arrived at the husband’s farm in Wollondilly Shire, wielding writs of possession against the wife? The sheriffs were unaware that at the time the wife was a former spouse and not living at the farm.

Fortunately for the sheriffs they were the beneficiaries of a wonderful coincidence. The wife just happened to be at the farm that morning, taking a shower. According to the husband she had arrived earlier to bury her daughter’s cat.

The writs the sheriffs wielded had been obtained by Lynne "chicken love 'em" Ingham, who runs an agistment business. Somehow debts had accrued despite the ex-husband testifying that he paid the agistment expenses for his wife's horses. But he also said the horses were his wife's business and she kept her business private.

The examination aimed to get to the bottom of an agreement between the husband and his ex-wife dated December 20, 2004. In it the husband agreed to provide his wife with funds to assist her in running her solicitor’s office. 

In exchange he would receive the wife’s 50% interest in their 10-acre farm at 139 Dairy Road, The Oaks. But the December 2004 deed wasn’t clear about when the interest would pass to the husband, who is also claiming debts of $287,000 against the wife's estate. And of course, this is not the end if it.

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